Singing with the Heart

The eight songs from the perspective of a passionate music lover:


1. “Arbaazo ko Pirati: The String Story”

As a music lover, I’m immediately drawn to the enchanting melodies of this song. The harmonious interplay of strings captures the essence of nature’s beauty. The fusion of traditional and contemporary elements is quite appealing. However, I would love to see more emotional depth in the lyrics to create a stronger connection.

2. “Sarangi ko Katha: A Tale of Feminism and Female Sound”

This song is a captivating exploration of feminism and the power of female voices. The Sarangi’s emotive melodies complement the theme beautifully. The lyrics are thought-provoking, but I’d appreciate a bit more diversity in musical arrangements to enhance the overall impact.

3. “Piratiko Katha: The Uncertain Harmony”

“Piratiko Katha” offers a unique instrumental experience that draws me into the enigmatic realm of uncertainty. The Live Lounge Band’s performance is mesmerizing, but I crave a clearer narrative within the music to guide my emotions and thoughts.

4. “Harmonizing Worlds: Sydney Opera House and the Majestic Machhapuchchhre”

As a music lover, I admire how this song paints vivid imagery through its poetic comparisons. The juxtaposition of two iconic landmarks evokes a sense of wanderlust and unity among cultures. Yet, I long for more musical transitions and surprises to keep me engaged.

5. “Timi: The Harmonious Fusion of Kamasutra and Buddha’s Wisdom”

“Timi” is a musical journey that beautifully fuses sensuality and spirituality. The vocals are enchanting, and the composition is intricate. However, I yearn for even deeper philosophical explorations within the lyrics and melodies.

6. “The Live Voice Kids: Embracing the Innocence of Childhood”

This collection of songs is a heartwarming tribute to childhood’s innocence and wonder. Each song feels like a treasure chest of memories. Still, I hope for more diverse musical styles to capture the multifaceted nature of childhood.

7. “DUR: A Fusion of Classical and Modern Excellence”

“DUR” successfully bridges classical and modern music, showcasing exceptional artistry. The vocals are soul-stirring, and the fusion is seamless. However, I desire more extensive instrumental solos to fully appreciate the classical elements.

8. “Sun” featuring Nepali verse by Heri Rahu Jato Lagchha

“Sun” is a testament to the unifying power of music across languages and cultures. The combination of English and Nepali is intriguing, but I long for more intricate interplay between the languages to enhance the emotional impact.

As a music lover, I’m captivated by the diversity and creativity within these songs. Each composition is a unique gem, and while I cherish them all, I yearn for deeper emotional connections and more intricate musical arrangements to enrich the overall listening experience. These songs have immense potential to touch hearts and souls even more profoundly.

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