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Harmonies of Life: The Live Voice Originals



The title “Harmonies of Life: The Live Voice Originals” is chosen for several compelling reasons:

Unification of the Songs: This title reflects the amalgamation of the eight distinct songs into a cohesive cinematic experience. It highlights the harmonious blend of diverse themes and musical genres that come together to create a unified narrative.

Emphasis on the Songs: The title puts the songs themselves at the forefront, underscoring their significance in the film. Each song is a unique piece of the puzzle, contributing to the overarching narrative of the movie.

Celebration of Music: “Harmonies of Life” acknowledges the central role of music in the film. It conveys that the movie is not just a visual experience but a celebration of the power of music to convey emotions, stories, and ideas.

Inclusivity: The word “harmonies” signifies the inclusion of diverse themes and cultures explored in the songs, making it clear that the film is an inclusive and multicultural experience.

The Live Voice Originals: This part of the title pays tribute to the unique identity of the songs as “originals” created by the Live Voice Band. It acknowledges the artistic innovation and creativity that went into crafting these songs.

In summary, “Harmonies of Life: The Live Voice Originals” encapsulates the essence of the film—a harmonious fusion of music, themes, and cultures that come together to tell a cohesive and captivating narrative. It conveys the idea that life itself is a symphony of diverse experiences, and these songs are the melodies that weave through it.

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