Singing with the Heart

Harmonies of Life: A Musical Journey Through Diversity and Unity


“Arbaazo ko Pirati: The String Story”: This song appears to be a captivating and unique exploration of the world of strings and the beauty of nature. The collaboration between the Live Lounge Band and the late Mohan Bahadur Gandarba, along with Prayatna Shrestha, promises a harmonious and emotionally resonant experience.

“Sarangi ko Katha: A Tale of Feminism and Female Sound”: A song that beautifully combines the Sarangi’s melodies with the theme of feminism and the power of female voices. The inclusion of Rajani Rythem Rai adds depth and emotion to this poignant narrative.

“Piratiko Katha: The Uncertain Harmony”: “Piratiko Katha” seems to be an intriguing instrumental piece that delves into the mysteries of uncertainty and existence. The philosophical undertones and the Live Lounge Band’s expertise in creating atmospheric music promise an immersive experience.

“Harmonizing Worlds: Sydney Opera House and the Majestic Machhapuchchhre”: This song, which draws a poetic comparison between two iconic landmarks, appears to be a moving tribute to the complexities of migration, cultural fusion, and the unity of global experiences. The collaboration between Libero Rivera and Rajani Rythem Rai is likely to create a harmonious blend of cultural influences.

“Timi: The Harmonious Fusion of Kamasutra and Buddha’s Wisdom”: “Timi” seems to be a profound exploration of the convergence of sensuality and spirituality, inspired by both Kamasutra and Buddha’s teachings. The fusion of these two themes and the music’s composition promise a deeply contemplative and emotionally rich experience.

“The Live Voice Kids: Embracing the Innocence of Childhood”: This collection of songs dedicated to childhood appears to be a heartwarming and delightful musical journey. It’s likely to resonate with listeners of all ages, celebrating the innocence, wonder, and joy of being a child.

“DUR: A Fusion of Classical and Modern Excellence”: “DUR” seems to be a remarkable fusion of classical and modern music, bridging two musical traditions seamlessly. The collaboration between Libero Rivera and Rajani Rythem Rai, along with the Live Lounge Band, promises an extraordinary musical experience.

“Sun” featuring Nepali verse by Heri Rahu Jato Lagchha: “Sun” showcases the power of music to unite languages and cultures. The combination of English and Nepali, along with the profound messages about truth and love, creates a harmonious blend that invites listeners to connect with the song’s universal themes.

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