Singing with the Heart

The Live Voice Kids: Embracing the Innocence of Childhood


Get ready to experience the pure magic of childhood through the enchanting melodies of “The Live Voice Kids.” In this musical journey, the Live Lounge Band collaborates with new child artists to create a collection of eight heartwarming songs, each a musical masterpiece that captures the essence of innocence, wonder, and the unbridled joy of being a child.

A Celebration of Innocence:

“The Live Voice Kids” is a celebration of the untamed innocence and boundless curiosity that define childhood. The songs transport listeners to a world where every moment is an adventure, and the imagination knows no limits.

A Child’s Imagination Unleashed:

The melodies and lyrics of these songs are inspired by the vivid imaginations of children. From clouds that transform into horses to the simple joys of chasing fireflies at dusk, each song paints a picture of the world through a child’s eyes.

Live Lounge Band’s Musical Artistry:

The Live Lounge Band, known for their musical virtuosity, provides the perfect backdrop for these young talents to shine. Their expertise allows the child artists to express themselves freely, creating a harmonious blend of youthful energy and seasoned musicianship.

New Voices, Fresh Perspectives:

“The Live Voice Kids” features a group of talented new child artists whose voices breathe life into these delightful compositions. Their performances are a testament to the untapped potential and boundless creativity of young musicians.

The Soundtrack of Childhood:

These songs are not just melodies; they are the soundtrack of childhood. They capture the laughter, the wonder, and the heartfelt emotions that children experience as they navigate the world around them.

An Invitation to Relive Youth:

For adults, “The Live Voice Kids” offers a chance to revisit the simpler times of childhood, where every day was an adventure waiting to unfold. It’s an invitation to reconnect with the child within and embrace the joy of innocence.

Eight Songs, Eight Frames:

The collection comprises eight distinct songs, each a unique frame in the canvas of childhood. From playful escapades to moments of quiet introspection, these songs reflect the multifaceted nature of growing up.

Join us in this musical journey with “The Live Voice Kids” as we relive the beauty and wonder of childhood. Through the laughter, the dreams, and the endless possibilities, these songs remind us that the innocence of youth is a treasure to be cherished, celebrated, and shared. This is a heartfelt tribute to the child in all of us.

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