Singing with the Heart

Sarangi ko Katha: A Tale of Feminism


Prepare to be enchanted once again as we continue our musical odyssey with “Sarangi ko Katha.” This is the second song in “The Live Voice Originals 1.0: Singing From The Heart” series, and it’s a unique celebration of feminism, female sound, and the enchanting world of birds.

The Empowering Sound of Sarangi:

“Sarangi ko Katha” is a poetic tribute to the Sarangi, an instrument that resonates with the soul. Through its strings, it tells the story of femininity, strength, and the beauty of female sound. This song is a testament to the power and grace that women bring to the world.

Live Lounge Band Harmony:

Once again, the Live Lounge Band takes center stage, creating a symphonic masterpiece that blends the enchanting Sarangi melodies with contemporary music. Their skillful performance is an ode to the fusion of tradition and innovation.

A Chorus of Female Voices:

Adding to the magic of “Sarangi ko Katha” is a chorus of female voices that sing with passion and purpose. Their harmonious melodies echo the resilience and spirit of women, serving as a testament to the strength of female voices.

Birds and Feminism:

Much like our previous song, “Arbaazo ko Pirati,” this composition finds inspiration in the world of birds. The birds serve as symbols of freedom, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of nature. Through the music, you’ll hear the voices of birds, which mirror the voices of women in their quest for equality and empowerment.

A Musical Tale of Feminism:

“Sarangi ko Katha” is not just a song; it’s a musical tale of feminism. It speaks of breaking boundaries, embracing diversity, and celebrating the strength and wisdom that women bring to the world. It’s an exploration of the journey from silence to empowerment.

Harmony in Diversity:

This song brings together various Sarangi artists, each contributing their unique style and perspective. It’s a celebration of diversity and the harmonious coexistence of different voices and talents.

Join us on this lyrical voyage as we unveil “Sarangi ko Katha: A Tale of Feminism and Female Sound.” Let the music take you on a journey through the realms of femininity, empowerment, and the timeless melodies of the Sarangi. This is a celebration of the unique sound that women create, both in music and in life, and a tribute to the freedom and strength they embody.

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